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From the ones who help us build Case IH equipment to the ones who use it. Farmers are more than customers. They’re our families. Our neighbors. Their stories are our inspiration. That’s why we worked with Lee Brice to create a song that honors farmers across North America.

When we partnered with Lee Brice, we asked Lee to sign some Built by Farmers merchandise to give away. Fill out the form below for your chance to win.

Kelsey M. – Corn and Soybeans

As a sixth-generation farmer, Kelsey has spent her whole life in agriculture. She grew up alongside her brothers helping her mom and dad do everything on the farm – from working the fields to helping balance the books. It taught her just how much a farmer has to do to be successful, a value she brings with her every day to her job at Case IH.

Farming is such a unique way of life. It’s deeply rooted in legacy and tradition, and yet it’s constantly changing. There’s nothing else like it.”

Tanner B. – Corn and Soybeans

Tanner grew up helping his father and his grandfather farm. His family has experienced how farming is constantly changing and how farmers grow and adapt with these changes so they can then pass something better on to the next generation. Tanner uses those experiences on his farm and, at Case IH, to build something better for the next generation.

My grandfather farmed with a horse, and my dad with a Magnum. I farm with precision equipment and I can’t wait to see how the next generation farms.”

Steiger® Series Tractors From wild-haired idea to the leader in high‑horsepower

The story behind the most recognized name in high-horsepower, four-wheel-drive tractors, is the tale of a northwestern Minnesota farmer and his two sons. John, Maurice and Douglass Steiger designed and built their first tractor in an old dairy barn. That ingenuity and passion for farming would lay the foundation for every Case IH Steiger tractor we build today.

We knew that if we could find the axles and the engine we wanted, we could build it.”

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Hank – Dairy and Hay

Hank is a sixth-generation farmer. Some of his earliest memories are of driving red tractors on his family farm — picking rocks and chopping hay with his dad. Farming is a way of life for Hank. He takes pride in taking care of his land and the way of life it provides. It’s the same pride and connection he feels serving farmers in his job at Case IH.

My family has always been red. I’ve wanted to work for Case IH since I was a kid.”

Axial-Flow® Combines The standard in harvesting, set by a farmer

Dave Gustafson was a lead engineer on the original Axial-Flow combine and a farmer. He developed a love for improving farm equipment while working on his father’s old Farmall® H and M tractors. He even built a combine using parts from a tractor and a sheller. It was the ingenuity he learned on the farm that he put into the design of the standard by which all harvesting equipment is judged.

My first word was tractor, so I was destined to be an agricultural engineer.”

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Ray G. – Cattle and Wheat

While a young boy, Ray knew he wanted to be involved in farming, took jobs working on his neighbor’s farm and continued working on farms as he grew. For Ray, the passion these farmers had for their land was infectious. And today, it influences everything he does, whether it’s on his family’s farm or working at the manufacturing plant for Case IH Magnum tractors.

There’s a lot of sacrifice involved, but the beauty of working ground, watching the animals grow, makes it all worth it.”

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